Aug 20 2008

Oldest daughter arrived last night and so excited to see her and spend time together but can't turn off the racing brain and mental to-do lists. Day trip to Lamani with her. My apologies to the whole Mayan culture and history - sorry, but my brain was on staffing, stocking and how in the heck am I going to get baby spinach in January.

Was a great day though. And as soon as we hit the condo and parked ourselves on the porch she wanted to read so I got out my laptop and got back to work.

Bigger problems than baby spinach - work permit and passport held up in Belmopan, wire transfer held up in the states, gift shop for Fido's that I've been working on for six months now set to open SAME day as Nautica, former owner not agreeing to terms so delayed turn-over ergo delayed construction start date.

Oh, and daughter drops bombshell that after five years of being engaged they want to go ahead and do the deed.

This coming spring.

In France.

Peddle faster...

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