Sat Aug 23 2008

Put Jessica on a plane yesterday - great fun time together and enjoyed seeing her enthusiasm for my new 'project'. She's a 'foodie' also so needless to say, menu is coming together.

Back to the lists, lists, lists. After hours of sitting on the porch with my trusty laptop decide I need a break. Since cooking is my other form of therapy and escape (first is the ocean) what do I do? Head to the kitchen.

It's a mustgo day (everything in the fridge MUST GO). Fresh tomatoes, chorizo from Sausage Factory, fresh flat leaf oregano I pilfered from Rico's 'garden', leftover fry jack. Hmmmm, this could work.

Yum, rich marinara sauce with the sausage, penne pasta from the pantry, oregano and mozzarella melted and bubbly on top. Not necessarily a menu item since want to focus on seafood but definitely an option for a daily special.

And I think I found the bread I want to serve. Score.

Took the fryjack, brushed it with olive oil and garlic, little bit of the oregano, little bit of parmesian, then broiled it. Little crunchy, little chewy, totally decadent and easily available! (no worries if crusty french bread doesn't make the barge!)

Yes, a good day. *brrrrrrrp*

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