Fri Sept 19 2008

Worked on food and recipes until 11, then downtown to the restaurant. Everything perking along just great. Enrique (contractor) had the half-wall stained to match the floors (was kind of a blondish color before - ick). New color looks really good. Still wet and tacky, needs to completely dry before we can start the bench seating along that wall. Fans on it but slow going.

Back to condo, more cooking / testing. 1pm back downtown to let Diana in to finish cleaning sushi bar. Over to hardware store to get more Easy-Off for the grill pans. Stopped in to talk to Sharon (the sushi chef, also works days at Island Perk across the street - awesome coffee BTW) to update her on the progress. She's anxious to reopen, we'll get together next week to go over final details of the workplan for the 'facelift'.

One more stop at hardware store - two actually before I found the heavy duty ones - to get some more pot scrubbers. Grill pans are being very stubborn.

Back to condo, paperwork, more recipe testing. 6:30 back downtown. Wanted to check the drying process and maybe turn fans back on. Still very sticky so turned fans on and had a beer at the bar downstairs and played dice (for fun, not money this time). Ordered some calamari. Yum. Love the new Fido's calamari recipe. Checked on the sushi bar, took measurements, locked up and back home on the porch with laptop. Full week but very productive.

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