Sat Sept 20 2008

Lots of cooking, lots of running back and forth to the restaurant. worked on to-do list and agenda for the day then about 9:30 headed down town.

Paint on half-wall still not dry so ran downstairs to snag some more fans (thank you Shaggy!) Went over expenses so far with contractor, cut a check for paint and labor so far and materials for next week.

Fabio came in to do some more clean up stuff in the restaurant and sushi bar. Defrost another freezer, move chairs and stools out of the way of the storeroom supplies, clear out construction debris (random nails are killing the hardwood plank flooring. Afraid we're going to have to refinish. *aaarrrggg*). Anyway, always more to do but he's doing a great job.

Sushi bar is going to be awesome! Going to talk to Enrique about doing the re-do. Mainly cosmetic - some drywall, paint, blinds, etc. Sharon wants to go with a deep rich Chinese red, bamboo blinds, etc. will look great I'm sure.

While there went into the Fido's office to make some copies, ran into the guy who runs their citrus farm on the mainland - he can get crab for me at $9bz per lb. - half what I'm paying now. Steamed, vacuum packed and on the plane to the island day after it was in the water. Score. Hello crab cakes...

Back home to work on food. Added more ginger to the ginger rum sauce - perfect. Double chocolate cake with mango mousse filling - needs more mango flavor.

Back downtown. Paint still not dry and Enrique can't find a place to cash the materials check - banks closed for Belize Independence Day (Sept 21) - weekend-long affair evidently. So back home to see if I have some U.S. cash squirreled away. Found a little - hopefully enough for him to get materials and pay his guys.

Mid-way stopped to give a ride to one of my little island kids - Alex. He's one of my favorites, 12 or 13 now I think, have watched him grow up the last four years. Sharp kid and sweet spirit. Took him to his house which I figured when he said just over there would be no big deal. Left here, now right here, left, then left again, right, curve here, watch the puddle (read: small pond)... Finally got there, dropped him off, on my way back trying to remember the twists and turns and pretty much covered in mud splatters.

Got to the restaurant, gave Enrique the money, took care of a few things then back home to the kitchen.

Cashew crusted grouper - awesome but needs a little more salt. Added some Parmesan to the crushed cashews, turned out good. Warm cashew crusted goat cheese medallions for a special salad - good but cooked them too long, a little rubbery, needs work. Mango salsa - great. Added some mango juice and key lime juice, perfect.

A friend came over to taste-test - thumbs up. So far so good.

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