Sun Sept 21 2008

Today is Belize Independence Day - lots of spirit and national pride, fun to watch. They achieved their independence from Britain in 1981 so still a 'new' country. Still part of the British commonwealth but independent.

Went down to the restaurant about 10 to open the windows and turn on the fans - paint STILL not dry - going on three days now. Did some stuff there, then to hardware store to change out light bulbs (wrong kind - need halogen). Looking for some Old English furniture polish to spiff up the woodwork so we don't have to sand and varnish it all (how long would THAT take to dry???). First place didn't have it but second one did.

Back to restaurant, tried out the Old English - looks great. Rearranged some stuff in the kitchen, updated to-do list(s), took inventory of kitchen supplies we have, made list of what we need, carried out boxes, moved power tools OFF the hardwood tables - basically just general 'have to get it done' kind of stuff.

Was planning on heading home and getting some things done there before heading to BC's to meet some friends but ran into a snag. Pulled out of the Fido's alley, took my usual trek towards home but couldn't get any farther than the old football field. Everything blocked off for the Independence day parade. Okay, surely there's a way through the back streets to get to the south end of the island. Nope. So if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Or in this case, chill and watch the parade. So I did. And I'm glad it worked out that way.

I love parades and never experienced one in a foreign country. But really, when you think about it, they're all basically the same and really heartwarming. The excitement, the enthusiasm, just the energy was over the top. And they go all out here. There were golf carts all decorated with flags and palm fronds, flat beds with sound systems that would put any club to shame (complete with generators, control panels, laptops, DJs, mics, amps, etc.) and many were followed by a contingent of anywhere from 15-20 people in matching t-shirts, native Mayan costumes, and many other assorted outfits! The spirit and enthusiasm was infectious to say the least.

After about an hour decided I might as well head back to Fido's since I couldn't get home, park the cart and just walk to BC's. Got only as close as Harmouch's hardware store - okay, so only four block walk, not bad. Turned off the fans, locked up, walked down to BC's - ten minute walk on the beach - no prob. Met up with friends, had a couple of really cold Lighthouses, caught up with Dulce, listened to Dennis and the band. Nice respite from the current pace!

Walked back downtown to get my golf cart then headed home for shower, rum, porch. In that order. Only enough rum for one drink but no prob, need to work on paperwork and list for tomorrow anyway.

Microwave popcorn for dinner.... =p

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