Tue Sept 23 2008

Busy couple of days but at least not quite as hectic and getting lots done. Everyone was off yesterday for the three day holiday. Well, most everyone. I went down to the restaurant to turn on fans (paint getting closer to being dry but still a little sticky). Also spent quite a while walking around and making notes - easier to do with out everyone there.

Met with Brad (he's my color, fabric, decor guru). He brought some antique copper spray paint and we tested it out on one of the little lanterns that will go on the tables. They're really cute and perfect for that candle on the table ambiance I want - and windproof! But they're a really stark black - little bit of copper paint sprayed on here and there and wala - old ship's lantern look! 'Nuther problem solved.

We went over the specs for the bench seat, made materials list, set date to go to the city next week to pick up the supplies, curtains, fabric, etc. By then bench should be complete and he can start padding and covering it.

More cooking and testing.

Jerk blackened snapper with ginger rum sauce. Really good but sauce on top is almost too much, will serve it on the side. Grilled pineapple with it a really good flavor compliment.

Re-did the cashew crusted grouper. Pan seared THEN broiled this time - much better - crispier and the cashews had fuller flavor.

Garlic roasted veggies and baby pumpkins. This time roasted the pumpkins first (actually little sweet acorn squash), then added the other veggies. Much better - last time pumpkins were still a little firm and the red and yellow bell peppers were too soft. After cooking tossed them with a little parmesan - perfect.

Grouper Montepertuso. That's what I call it anyway. Montepertuso is a little village high above Positano on the western coast of Italy - down south, like in the instep of the 'boot'. A little restaurant there called Il Retrovo has the most incredible food and freshest fish.

Had this dish there and immediately when we returned started trying to recreate it. I think I finally have it. It doesn't really have a sauce, just fresh grilled fish with a little olive oil and Italian seasoning over a bed of penne pasta tossed with sauteed red, yellow, green bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, garlic (of course!), fresh diced tomatoes, capers, calamata olives. Pasta with veggies on bottom, fish on top, more veggies on top of fish then parmesan and fresh cracked black pepper. The capers and calamata olives give it a zing and the saltiness of them goes really well with the sweet peppers and mild fish. Yum.

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Anonymous said...

Nautica - I love reading your blog and tacogirl's blog. Never been to Ac but hope to one day visit. Sure sounds like paradise found. Keep up the wonderful blog.