Wed Sept 24 2008

Morning filled with working my way through the never ending and always growing to-do list. Trying to get a quote on the retail fixtures and supplies for the Fido's gift shop from a vendor in the states. Limited supply in Belize, more in Mexico but difficult to ascertain the quality and specs from here.

Have a vendor I've used before in the U.S. so checking to see what the cost would be to have it shipped here. Might cost an arm and a leg but for a one time expense thinking might be worth it to just go with a known quantity. Found a good screen printer in Belize City so at least all the merchandise and recurring orders won't have duty / international shipping on them.

Reviewed the quote and specs for the Micros terminal we'll be using in the restaurant, also the one for the gift shop. Lot of money but necessary for inventory control, loss management, market data and trends, consumer preferences, etc. Think I have that all nailed down.

New designs for the merchandise coming along good. Came up with a new one that I think will sell - wings with a heart in the middle. Should look good on a tank or little cami. Re-working the Nautica logo so it will print well on a t also.

Into town to check on things, stop in at hardware store to get key copied.

Everything going smoothly. Trim on ceiling almost complete, electrical almost complete. Talked with the electrician about switching out the light kits on the ceiling fans. He wasn't too happy about that - will have to take them down and redo. Oops. Paint is close enough to dry to start on the bench seat.

To the bank to turn in signed papers for the cc merchant account and get that rolling. Still need couple more forms signed by another director of the corp. Don't know why they need two directors to sign but alas, their call not mine.

Back to restaurant with a stop at Greenhouse market for cabbage - working on slaw and other sides today. Big chunk of parm cheese looked tempting and reasonably priced so grabbed that.

Back to condo. Experimented with the leftover Montepertuso pasta. Added some more raw veggies, some fresh chopped basil, little bit of the house dressing - bingo - awesome pasta salad. Cut up some of the grouper and added but would be better with some shrimp I think. Flavors always better the next day, this one no exception.

Back downtown to get the forms signed. Thought I could just do it tomorrow but other director is leaving the island tomorrow for a couple of weeks so back in the golf cart. Saw Arquel (fisherman) on the way - he had some stone crab claws, looked pretty good. He said they hadn't been frozen but I think they had. Will cook them today and see.

Crab is kind of tricky. When it's fresh off the boat and you cook it and serve it, it's great. But has to be that day or maybe day after. If you're going to get large amounts to serve the next week or week after, needs to be steamed immediately, wrapped tight then frozen. Still fresh as can be when you thaw then steam again. But if you don't cook it before freezing can sometimes get mealy and/or dry and tasteless.

Island very quiet and empty right now - low season. On the one hand is a nice peaceful change, on the other is very difficult for the workers and service people - money very tight. I usually try to wrangle a better price on many things I buy but not this time of year. Every penny counts. I also try to buy from the street vendors if possible - I usually do anyway but this time of year might mean the difference between food or no food for their family. So needless to say I have a 'fridge full of pineapple, tangerines, avocados, a mixed concoction of what I think is ceviche or close, etc.

Back to the condo and laptop, porch, rum - trifecta?!!!

Really missing my family - going to try to connect tomorrow with as many as I can. Hubby coming in tomorrow evening, looking forward to that =)

Life is good...

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Anonymous said...

Must be slow season, anxiously awaiting progress report. Keep up the good work.