Mon Aug 25

Okay, back to the rat race. Not complaining, totally loving it.

Into town. Stopped in at Monkey Bites to check with Sherry on cart permit (we're both trying to get one, she's helping me). I love that place - shrimp chimichangas today - yum.

Then to Island Adventures to check on cart title for cart I'm trying to buy (renting is KILLING me), then to Giovanni’s to check on 'coming soon' banner - closed.

Then to Fido’s for meeting on Hot Book ad (even though restaurant is mine, am under the Fido's 'umbrella' - good thing. Still free falling but at least a net. Office staff, ordering, accounting, etc. takes some of the pressure off. I sign all checks and make all decisions so no worries, just nice to know I'm not totally flying solo)

Over to Gecko Graphics to finalize layout, back to Fido's, beer and chat with Shaggy about cart title, teensy bit of dice (won $20 - woohoo!) then back to Giovanni’s, still closed, then to Hummingbird to get price on re-do of office chairs.

Back to home and my porch. Several things marked off the list, many more added. The ocean and I solved many problems and came up with some creative work-arounds. Gotta love it...

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