Tue Aug 26 2008

Turn over day! Okay, now past the point of no return. Yikes. All good though, really excited.

Met with Dave, Laura and the staff. He did his thing (Out of the Steakhouse, focusing on Sandbar, been real, yada, yada.) Then they left and I took over. Literally and figuratively I guess. Mostly just sat and talked about what I was wanting to do, the changes, new menu and concept.

Tried to get an idea of what their mindset was and how receptive or not they were. Very encouraged. They all pulled up their chairs closer to the table and were really eager to hear the plans and gave some great input. Great crew so far as I can tell at this point.

Afterwards ran around taking care of things: Giovanni's for banner, Gecko for ad, Castillo's for supplies (fans, locks, cleaning supplies, etc.), then Mango's for southwest eggrolls to take home for dinner.

Back home and after long shower out to the porch (worn out but at least I smell better. ahem). Me, laptop, Lighthouse, eggrolls, ocean - life is good.

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