Wed Aug 27 2008

Work day today! Staff coming in to clear out, clean out, get ready for re-do. Was up at 3am making lists of things to get done.

Also trying to figure out best strategy for sushi bar (have been helping with that on consulting basis for a couple months now also - just because I didn't have enough to do I guess...). Great sushi but very slow right now - crunch time. Great potential, totally viable bottom-line wise, just need more traffic and have to cut costs wherever possible. Putting together a plan with Fido's mgmt. to pump life-blood into it.

Work day went very well. Wanted to get an idea of who's a worker and who's not. And who I can work with and who I can't. And who can work with ME and who can't. So far all good - want to keep all of them and see how it works out. We'll see.

All was going well until we flooded Lindsey AGAIN. (Belizian Arts Gallery downstairs below us). Seems she has been flooded many times over the year(s) and nothing has been fixed. She's a sweetheart and VERY patient.

Can't have that though - my thinking is if it's broke, fix it. Condensate line on beer cooler clogged and disconnected, got that fixed, defrosted freezer, more leaks and drips, got that fixed. Kudos to Mike - not only is he a great bartender but also fixes everything at Fido's and a very valuable resource - great guy too.

So, minor crises notwithstanding, very productive day.

Lost a nail today - first on the job injury. And not just a girlie 'I broke a nail' thing - whole thing ripped off at the quick. Was moving barstools and hit it and ouch - gone. Oh well, nine still intact...

Stopped in at Fido's to get a take-out order of calamari - no dice going on, darn. Calamari was great though - new recipe, prep method, crispy and brown. Yum.

Home, shower, porch, ocean. Yessssss

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