Thur Aug 28 2008

Hot sunny morning, slight breeze. Gustav has headed north so good news for San Pedro.

Another work day, still lots to do. Got to the restaurant, Mike has the freezer pulled out to seal the floor and take care of leak problem. All good stuff except he has the freezer blocking the sinks. And while I'm not a genious, I DO know that to clean, a sink and running water is fairly essential.... Did the best we could and still got quite a bit done. And leak problem is getting fixed so that's good.

Inc. papers came in - pretty cool! It's official - Belize corporation: Nautica Investments. Wow. should I be scared? Probably so but here we go...

Home, shower, porch. Friend came over and we parked on the porch with bottle(s) of wine and I think pretty much solved the world's problems. Amazing how level of intelligence is directly proportionate to amount of wine? More wine = more smart. Gotta love it. hehe

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