Mon Sept 1 2008

Up early, nice gentle rain - refreshing respite from the heat and dryness. Didn't last long though but that's okay, cleared in time for the workers on bicycles and kiddos heading back to school to get there safe and dry.

Love watching the 'rush-hour' traffic. Especially the kids - all clean and crisp in their school uniforms with moms or dads taking them or walking in clusters with their buddies talking, laughing, doing the silly inane things that kids do. Many speak spanish and I don't but the language of happy kids is universal, don't you think?

Anyway, I digress...

Work permit and passport supposed to be on plane over today - fingers crossed. So far four trips to DFC (drivers license dept.) down south so, hopefully getting closer. Need copy of passport, back with it, need copy of land title, back with it, need $90, only had $62, back with it, need dr. to sign form saying my eyesight is okay to drive a cart (Helloooo, I just filled out the form in front of you - I CAN SEE), need thumbprint of first born - I drew the line. Just kidding but many hoops. Think I finally have it. Now for cart permit...

Met with contractor to line out construction on restaurant and gift shop. Should work good, on the same page so far. Coordinating both might be a hassle but workable.

To Castillo's to pick out paint colors - going with cocoa walls and eggplant accents. Food on the brain I guess - colors rocked but when they are named after something edible just couldn't resist. Not good together on a plate but hopefully on the walls will work?

Back home, in a cooking mood and just got a huge big thick chunk of grouper from Arquel (thin, darker skinned guy on bike with ice chest. Great fish but check the weight and count. Just an fyi). Crusted it with toasted coriander seeds and white peppercorns, drizzled with olive oil and broiled. Yum. Needed a mango salsa or something over it (kind of dry) but was happy with flavor.

Also experimented with cous-cous. Easy and pretty tasty. Added olive oil, ginger and cilantro. Went well with the grouper. Lots left over - breakfast.

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