Wed Sept 3 2008

Papers and passport finally in - I'm legal, yeehaa!!!

Have to go to the states for a week leaving Friday so scurring to get all bases covered. Really need to be here but have to go back for my dad's 77th birthday.

Lots of work on menu - coming along really well. Great to be working on 'fun part' for a change.

Word came down from main office to close sushi bar until season (Nov. 1st). Hard to process/accept because have been working my tail off with Sharon and Cassidy to keep it perking along through slow time until it picks up. But business is business and I took it on so had to do it. Brian and I put together a plan, delivered the bad news, tried to focus on the positive - grand re-opening, facelift, new name and identity, new promos, etc.

Still hard to do. And now have three 'babies' I'm giving birth to on Nov. 1st: Nautica, Fido's gift shop and Mermaid Sushi & Martini Bar. Hope everyone who reads this patronizes ALL or I'm going down in flames! Of course might be a mute point because by that time I might be heavily sedated and in serious therapy involving straightjackets and only bladeless dull utensils.

But again I digress....

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