Wed Sept 10 2008

Building isn't square (surprise) and new ceiling beams won't cover cracks so have to tape/bed/mud the ceiling. Paint doesn't cover previously yellow walls so needs couple more coats (who puts yellow walls in a restaurant in the first place? aaarrrggg) Good thing I padded the budget for 'surprises'.

Oh, and roll down door on order for gift shop entrance is the wrong one - was supposed to have plexiglass inserts so merchandise would be visible when closed. Nope. Now will look like a warehouse door. Okay, workaround - paint and put fido's logo on it to 'dress it up'. (hmmm, will the 'lipstick' disguise the 'pig'?)

Haven't heard back from screen printer who's doing all my merchandise for the gift shop and Nautica stuff. Did she get caught in the recent immigration sweep 'net'? Did she get wind of the difficulties she was in for in working with me? Maybe she just decided life was too short to have to deal with neurotic spastic OCD people???? hehe

And to top it all off I'm out of 1 Barrel. Life is just not fair....

Have I mentioned lately how much I love all of this????

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tacogirl said...

Great post - You will have a great place when all is said and done.