Mon Oct 6 2008

Took yesterday off. Well mostly. Went downtown several times to check on ceiling, roof and roofers. No more ceiling coming down, thank goodness and only a little rain overnight. No new leaks.

Spent today running back and forth. Paper work and calls at home then down to the restaurant to get Fabio lined out. He came in to help with some things, was already there and doing stuff when I got there.

Lots of bundles of shingles on the roof but lumber hasn't arrived yet so in a holding pattern. But sun is out and no clouds so hopefully we'll be dry for a few days.

To the bank again to try to open the gift shop account. Had to get an authorization signed and faxed down. Paperwork, forms, paperwork, forms - driving me crazy. After 20 minutes was told need ANOTHER form. Document actually - proof of ownership from Belize registry. *AAAARRRRRGGGGG* Meanwhile Fabio is probably finished and waiting on me to bring the paint back.

Mad dash to the hardware store, wait wait wait while they mix the paint. It's times like these when the usually enjoyable slow pace of the island becomes maddening. Back to the restaurant, open the paint. ACK - looks like bright purple!!! Supposed to be a deep rich eggplant. Oh my. BRAD?????

Checked the numbers on the can against the numbers that Brad gave me (he's my color guy), yup the same. So told Fabio to start painting. Only doing two walls behind the bar so if it looks hideous only a small area to repaint. Brian pops his head in, I ask him what he thinks of the color, he says it looks hideous. Didn't know whether to choke him or find Brad and choke HIM. Fabio says wait for the second coat, it'll darken up. Let's hope so.

Back home to work on food and make calls. Fax came in with document so back downtown to the bank. STILL can't open the account. Ownership document says Fido's Restaurant not just Fido's. Can't open account named Fido's gift shop with this doc. Advised to open in my name with dba Fido's Gift Shop. Will need to clear that with owner and hubby so back out of the bank. At this point ready to scream.

Quick check at the restaurant, still waiting on lumber but paint is looking better. First coat is almost dry and second coat getting ready to go up and it's looking more eggplant-y. This could work. Mike is putting final coat of varnish on the chairs and they look great, like brand new. So, some good news. Back home to work on stuff there.

By 6pm the suspense is killing me so ran back downtown to see how paint looks with second coat and at night with soft lights. WOW - looks really good! Kind of more like a merlot than eggplant but really goes well with the other walls. Whew.

Ran into Sharon and Cassidy, showed them the new color - they love it. Apologies to Brad for thinking those dire and heinous thoughts...

Talked with Sharon & Cassidy for a while planning / coordinating grand openings of both Nautica and sushi bar. Still shooting for Nov. 1st but roof delay might set us back a little. Will really have to scramble but I think we can do it.

Back home and to the porch. Needed to make next days to-do list but ended up just watching the water until I couldn't keep my eyes open. List can wait.

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