Sat Oct 4 2008

Rainy morning in San Pedro. Need to go downtown to check on things but thinking for now will stay in and work on recipes and food. Kind of nice just cooking, testing and tasting with the doors and windows open listening to the rain.

Rain has picked up, wind also. Had to shut doors and windows. Really storming now. Good thing 'fridge is stocked and power is on.

After about four hours rain finally stopped. Headed downtown to check on things. Not good news. Bad in fact. Roof is leaking all over the place. The part we patched is dry but all around is letting in water like a sieve. The ceiling damage they just repaired is soaked and falling in pieces plus several other places. Buckets under most drips. Tarps over the rest of the floor.

Newly painted ceiling in sushi bar is leaking and coming down in several places too, also in the kitchen. Whole roof has to be replaced. So back up there with Enrique to assess the damage and make a game plan. There just isn't enough pitch on that section to effectively shed the water so it all will have to come up and be rebuilt to have adequate pitch, then reshingled. Great. And more rain coming.

Back home to finish the stuff I was cooking then probably back down there later. At least the hoisin ginger rum sauce turned out good...

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