Fri Oct 3 2008

Couple of dolphins gracefully slicing through the water at sunrise. Cool sight.

Worked on recipes for a couple of hours - doubled the broth for the chimole, tweaked the bleu cheese dressing.

Downtown to check on things and line out next step of construction. Going to put up a 'fence' around the butane tank outside the sushi bar window to disguise. Drywall work finished in there, ready to paint.

Covered a multitude of other details, over to the bank to set up gift shop account, need another form signed so will have to make another trip to get it opened. Back to restaurant, paint came in, looks good, start on that.

Smurf painted the new sushi logo on the window - looks incredible, he's really talented. looks just like the picture we gave him. Stopped in to tell Sharon and Cassidy progress so far, they're really excited too.

Back to the house to work on stuff there.

Then back downtown to get a check for Enrique for materials for fence and overage on paint. Back home, more work there - mostly expense reports and spreadsheets - ugh.

On the way home gave a ride to a school kid heading home. He was so cute. Talked non-stop. Was SO excited about a good grade on his math test - pulled it out of his backpack to show me - made a 90 and teacher comment was 'good'. He was beaming. Told him that was awesome, math is really important. And impressed that he said 'please may I have a ride' and 'thank you for the ride'. Don't always get that but nice to hear, he's been taught well. Good kid.

About 6pm the suspense is killing me - want to see how the new paint is looking in the sushi bar so head back downtown. They started on the ceiling so not much to see. Looks good but a white ceiling repainted with white isn't too exciting. Oh well, when the other colors go up will see them then.

Went downstairs to have a quick beer before heading home. Taste-tested Brian's new shrimp cocktail - yum. Sauce is really good. Also tasted the special for the night - Paella. Very good also.

Home, shower, porch, laptop, rum. All good.

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