Thurs Oct 2 2008

Meeting at 9am with Cindy with Caribbean Treasures to get another quote on retail fixtures, supplies, merchandise etc. for the gift shop. She also does time share sales for Banyan Bay and is a sweet gal and a sharp cookie. Didn't realize she did that also and wanted to give her a shot at it - keep some of the business here on the island if possible. She had some really good ideas and took copious notes and going to get prices for me so feeling good about that.

Went over to Gecko to proof the ad with Brian. Looks really good. A few changes needed but should turn out really nice. Marie's done a great job putting it all together and laying everything out.

Back to the restaurant. Enrique has the roof repair finished, working on fixing the water damage to the ceiling. Brian wanted me to taste the new onion rings that will be going on the Fido's menu. Wow - have to say I couldn't have done it better myself. Used Belikin stout in the batter and some other stuff, fried brown and crispy and really good. Also new: jalapeno stuffed wings. Great also.

Covered a few more details then back to the house to work on food. Checked on the Chimole. Overnight it turned from gumbo into jambalaya. Great flavor but the rice absorbed all of the broth. Oops. So now instead of a savory soup is now a hearty entree. Not so bad but need it to be a soup! Made some more broth, added, all good. Yum.

Put out a few fires (figuratively, not literally), made some calls, made more to-do lists then back to the kitchen.

Came up with a really good key lime bleu cheese dressing, re-did the chimole recipe (doubled the broth), some other things. Now, finally porch time.

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