Wed Oct 1 2008

Up at six - couldn't sleep. Weather's changing and lots to do. Paperwork most of the morning - posting all the expenses to the right places is a nightmare. And NOT my forte. Would rather be cooking.

Kind of a down morning. Two month old nephew is in the hospital in critical condition with blood infection and fluid in his lungs - prayers appreciated.

Enrique couldn't find the rolls of tar paper for the roof, still there this morning trying to get sheets of shingles.

Crab still not here from the mainland, and about a dozen other things.

Oh well, sure cure for the doldrums is fire up the stove, right? Went out to get supplies, after four stops had everything, got back home and now back to working on recipes with a big pot of Chimole (Belizian black gumbo) cooking. Just the smell perks up my spirits.

Talked to Enrique just now, he found the shingles, he's back and up on the roof. Sky is looking quite ominous, hope he gets it covered soon.

And now it's pouring down. Buckets. Oh my.

Got an email from Marie at Gecko Graphics, Hot book ad is ready to proof. Good deal, that one should be great exposure. Will stop in tomorrow morning to look at it.

Brian called, he went over to check, no water coming in through the ceiling yet. Whew.

Chimole stock almost done. Getting hungry. Thought I'd cook the shrimp in the stock instead of boiling and seasoning separate. Great idea right? Nope. Forgot that when you boil shrimp you have to add a couple tablespoons of vinegar so the shells slip off. Oops. So spent a frustrating amount of time peeling those little suckers off. Hope I got all the little 'feet'. Just kidding, I did - picky about that kind of stuff.

More veggies in the pot, some cilantro, rice, black beans, then the chicken, sausage and shrimp. final countdown now.

Stopped raining but continual random rolling thunder. Not over yet.

Just heard that little Jackson has stabilized. Thank you Lord!!! I promise to not ever ever lie to customs agents again. Well, except for anchovy paste, you just can't get that here and Caesar salad is NOT Caesar salad without anchovy paste in the dressing. But I digress. Main thing is Jackson is better.

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