Sat Nov 1 2008 - Grand Opening!

Today is the big day. Excited, scared, nervous but overall feeling really good about everything. Beautiful sunrise, cool breeze - all good.

This last week has been crazy frantic but much forward progress. can't say that we're totally ready but then, I guess you never are. Upside is that today is more of an 'open house' kind of thing from 5 - 7, not a sit down, order, "I want it perfect" kind of thing. And it's free - if something goes haywire, at least they can't ask for their money back!

Ups and downs this last week. Roof / ceiling stayed dry but gas line glitches. Not sure which is worse. Roof leaks can be repaired, gas leaks, well, that's a little more problematic. Roof leaks, you re-patch and repaint. Gas leaks, possibility you get an up front and personal view of the pearly gates. Or worse - I HAVE lied to customs. But I digress...

Got the leak fixed. Awesome, now we can start cooking. Silly me. Next day we come in, no gas. WTF? Tank is empty. Of course, wouldn't you know. Leak drained all the butane. Called the gas company, told them we had a possibly leak, come asap - that usually gets them there quicker. Five hours later they arrived. (Evidently that's asap here on the island...)

Finally we have gas - the good kind. So we start cooking, cooking, cooking. First batch of Chimole not so good. Added more of this and that - perfect. Made all of the sauces and dressings, tweaked a few - perfect.

Construction of stairs (outside entrance) held up - lumber is delayed because of flooding on the mainland. Construction crew does what they can in the meantime repairing ceiling in both Nautica and Sushi Bar. Looks good but still ladders, tools, etc. strewn about. So we focus on food and the kitchen. Sharon and Cassidy are anxious to get started putting the sushi bar back together, can't blame them - I'm anxious too.

Tuesday Sharon, Brian and I went to Belize City to get supplies. Five hours and five or six stops later we have a huge haul and head back to San Pedro. Scored some fabulous salmon and mahi-mahi, lots of other 'essentials' too.

Uniforms came in (white polo's with logo), they look great. Got the Micros system installed (cash register / ordering terminal), got everyone 'trained' on that. Lyncho came, replaced all the thatch. Hopefully now NO MORE LEAKS!.

MANY trips back and forth to the hardware store, grocery store, produce market(s). Hectic but all systems go. Has been 12-14 hour days for the last week but will all be worth it. Staff has worked really hard and done a great job, kudos to them. Wayne and Mike (from downstairs) have done a stellar job helping us, anything we need, they're right there.

Brad has been a real trooper also. Found the blinds in the city for the sushi bar, also the curtains, fabric, etc. for Nautica. He's spent countless hours and effort putting that part all together. The fabric he found for the bench seat is awesome and he padded and covered it and it looks incredible.

Stayed late last night to put finishing touches on so now all we have to do is stay calm, maintain sanity and pray that the food comes out good today and that everything runs as smoothly as possible!

Right now the surf is churning but the sun is shining. Aprapos, don't you think?

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