Thurs Oct 23 2008

Crew started back on Monday. Lots of cleaning to do. Construction guys are doing a great job but cleaning up after them is like cleaning up after a bunch of A.D.D. two-year olds.

If you take your tools out, put your tools back. Screws and nails have a container, not strewn about on the floor. Not a good idea to leave the power tools out on the balcony - rainy season, remember? Extension cords coil up very easily, here, like this. See, didn't hurt at all. Empty pop bottles and candy wrappers have a place, not on every coutertop. Let me introduce you to a new concept - it's called a TRASH CAN.

No leaks on the ceiling, maybe problem solved without having to replace the section of palapa that runs down onto new roof. More rain coming, hope it stays dry inside.

On Tuesday had the crew clean the sushi bar again. They do a really good job - looks good, smells good (love that Fabuloso cleaner liquid). Everything in there ready for finishing touches. Sharon and Cassiday have been going all over town to find all the stuff. Candleholders, knick-knacks, etc. Can't wait to see it finished. They couldn't find the bamboo blinds here on the island so will have Brad scout those out.

Met with Kate, roll down wind/rain shades are going to work great. Canvas border, plastic window in the center. She's going to make a 'test' one so we can make sure it will work and fit like we want.

Met with Brad, went over fabric, colors, cushions for the bench seats, curtains, etc. He's going to take care of it all. We went over to Sew What to look at fabric - some great colors and patterns and colors but not what we need. Really liked one of them but have to keep in mind that a elegantly 'busy' pattern is going to be more forgiving than the tone-on-tone stripe. Picture a teriyaki shrimp landing smack dap on the middle of the cushion. Or a glass of red wine. So criteria is wine and teriyaki colored fabric!

Then we went next door to Caye Supplies on Back Street. That place is great - tons of stuff. Found some vases, glasses, maybe tablecloths, etc. Priced blenders, mixers, etc.

Wednesday morning, leaks again. Ceiling was almost dry enough to patch and repaint. Going to have to replace the palapa section. darn. But have to stop the leaks. Meeting with Lyncho at noon today. He's the palapa / thatch expert, is on the island working on a project up north. This kind of thing is like a lost / dying art and not many people do it - and do it right so he's the go-to guy for this.

Haven't been able to get into the kitchen to start cooking yet, will have to make up for lost time when we do. Running close on time.

Turned in a food order, printing the menus, got the 'opening' ads turned in. Shipment of crab (finally) from the mainland coming in in an hour.

All systems go, obstacles notwithstanding....

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