Sat Oct 19 2008

Met with the contractor at 8:30, went over the plans, specs, bid for the stairs. Made a few changes, went to the bank to get him money for materials (office was locked so couldn't get a check).

Met up with Sharon to go over some of the sushi opening details, then over to Gecko Graphics to make some changes on the promo book (closed *aaarrrggg*) Then back home. Stopped at a couple stores to get supplies to make chili for the chili cook-off tomorrow at Canucks. Should be fun and is a fundraiser for the school.

Also stopped to buy a little painting from a guy who always sets his stuff up across from Marina's store (next door). Don't need anything, no more wall space really but he's there everyday and always trying, always nice. He was in an accident and has a spinal cord injury but has done well, progressed from a wheelchair to walker and arm brace crutches.

At 28 had to learn to paint with his left hand after the injury. Anyway, bought this cool 8 x 10 painting from him for $70bz. You'd have thought I gave him $700 - was so appreciative, said it was his only sale in two weeks. wow. There but for the grace of God go I... Made me feel good, and it IS a great little painting, he's really talented.

Then home, started cooking. Chopped, sliced, diced, simmered, tasted, added, tasted, added. So far so good. While it was cooking worked on ads and promo stuff for all three restaurants. Back to the store for more tomato sauce, back to the kitchen and computer.

Was going to run back downtown to check on stuff but was starting to rain and I was getting sleepy (up early) so took a short nap then just decided to stay and do stuff here.

By 8pm was getting cabin fever and wondering how much had gotten done on the stairs so headed downtown to check. No work yet on the stairs but work almost completed on patching the ceiling(s). Checked things out downstairs then back home. Chili still simmering, house smells great. Life is good.

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