Fri Oct 17 2008

What a crazy week. Can't believe it's already Friday again. Has been raining off and on for most of the week. Dry and glimpses of sun today but rain coming in soon, probably an hour or so.

Wednesday was the worst, almost constant downpours . Rained cats and dogs. Actually just rained rain but you get the picture. Was trying not to freak out because I knew water would be coming in, ceiling would be coming down, leaks everywhere but what do you do?

Well, I did what always works for me - headed for the kitchen. Several recipes to tweak anyway and with Brian running around covering everything and the guys mopping and emptying buckets figured at least I could take food down for them.

Food everywhere, all burners going, dishes, pots and pans stacked high but good stuff coming out. And made me feel better. Who needs a therapist when you have a stove??? Grouper Montepertusso over linguine (garlic wine sauce, capers, calamata olives, sundried tomatoes, parmesan), seafood in spicy ginger rum sauce over cilantro coconut rice, Tequila lime chicken, key lime pie with apricot ginger rum sauce, fudge brownies with apricot mousse and toasted coconut. All turned out good except for grouper - too 'fishy', need to work on it.

Cleared a little by Thurs. but still off and on showers and yes, many leaks. Despite the weather, Enrique and his crew kept working non-stop and by Fri. had the roof covered, shingles down, all sealed and working on the palapa joint. Good news.

Stopped in at Sew What to get a bid on the roll down rain shades for the balcony. Kate's the owner - great lady and knows her stuff and does really good work. They'll be expensive I'm afraid but have to have them.

Was going to try to go to Belize City this week with Brad to get fabric, cushions, curtains, etc. but rain and hectic-ness precluded that. May just have to send him over solo with a list and credit card and let him take care of it. No doubt he'll come back with exactly the right thing and save me losing a day. Another valuable team member...

Talked to Sharon, she's getting everything lined out for the sushi bar decor, on schedule there. Well except for the soggy ceiling and tarps and buckets everywhere.

Went over to Gecko graphics to sign off on the Hot Book ad, looks good. Was walking back to Fido's, passed the Post Office - little boy, maybe 8 or 9 sitting on the steps crying. Passed by at first but went back to see if he was okay. He was in his school uniform, backpack beside him.

Asked him if everything was all right, said yes but never looked up. Sat with him for a while, gave him a hug, asked him if wanted to talk about it, he said no so just told him everything would be okay, whatever it was. Don't know what the problem was, hope he'll be okay, seemed like a good kid.

FINALLY got final approval for the exterior access / stairs - was kind of sweating that, HAVE to have them. Going to meet with Enrique tomorrow morning to go over plans and specs then get rolling pronto on those.

Walked over to the post office to pick up a package of some stuff hubby sent me - some pants and shoes I forgot to bring. Had to pay $35 to 'buy back' my stuff. Since he put a declared value on it of $75, had to pay. Should have told him to put $2 value. Live and learn...

Came back to golf cart to head home - PARKING TICKET. WTF? Yes, was my fault, yes, between 16th and end of month can't park on that side of the street, yada yada. Still irritaing.

Now working on promo cards and ads for opening(s) plus print ad for that and Fido's Halloween bash. May cook some stuff later but thinking rum sounds better...

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tacogirl said...

I like your kind of therapy. Seems like things are moving right along for you, can't wait to see/taste finished product.