Mon Oct 13 2008

Worked most all of the weekend on recipes and finally 99% finished. Still have sides and desserts to go but everything else plus an ingredient list of every thing in all of the recipes. Told Alberto I'd have it to him first thing this morning, took it in at about 12:30, no one in the office. We both forgot today was a holiday (Pan American Day). Oh well, at least it's done.

Met with Smurf, sign he did was finished, looks good. Walked over to Gecko Graphics to proof and sign off on the final copy of the add for the Hot Book. Closed also.

Back to Fido's to check on ceiling in Nautica and sushi bar. More leaks from the weekend in both. Back out with the tarps and buckets. Enrique's working as fast as he can with his crew to get the roof finished but with intermittent showers and downpours every day is tough. Plywood came in on the barge Sat. so hopefully will get it decked soon then shingles right after.

Was getting ready to head home when the skies opened up - again - and it started pouring. Waited it out at the bar working on lists and making calls so at least not totally wasted time. Hour or so later headed home. Skies still looking very busy though, may come down again. Checked the NOAA site, another big storm headed in in a few days. Great. Hopefully roof will be done by then.

Back to the house, work to do on the t-shirt designs.

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully the roof got repaired. One step forward, two steps back.....Don't stop the Carnival. It is what makes it so much fun. Looking forward to your next installment.